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Wish Karo, Dish Karo

Shah Rukh Khan, in a TV commercial tells us, sabse zyaada wish karo, dish karo.

Dish kare SRK, SRK ki biwi, SRK ka poora khaandaan.

Meanwhile, I need to do the dishes as well. Dish karo…

June 21, 2009   No Comments

Bappi Da, 7 Up and the Gold Phiss

Finally, somebody put all the bullion depository with Bappi Lahiri to some good use.

May 10, 2009   4 Comments

The Female Vodafone Zoozoo

Okay, they are called ZooZoos and they are a big hit.

Let’s see if you can work this out. Which of the two zoozoos in the below Vodafone commercial is a lady zoozoo? The one screaming? Or the one hiding behind the car?

Not too tough, right?

More: What kind of a Zoozoo are you?



May 4, 2009   9 Comments

The Vodafone Vodones

I love these new ads from Vodafone being aired currently during the IPL matches.

Pretty cool animation, some really cute characters – don’t know what they are called – so I’ll call them Vodones. Much better than dogs as your mascot – and certainly a lot cheaper than hiring a bollywood superstar as your brand ambassador.  Truely, what an idea, sirjee.


April 23, 2009   3 Comments

The Oldest Frog

PTI reports that the world’s oldest frog has been discovered.

Scientists in New Zealand claimed to have found the world’s oldest frog — aged 37. The Maud Island frog, nicknamed Wellington by researchers, also has two other geriatric friends, a male, Gollum, 35, and a female, Xena, 34.

I wonder if the Wellington the frog can still croak as it could when it was younger. That somehow reminds me – how old is Himesh? Aah, 35 says the Wikipedia. Another record missed.

April 2, 2009   2 Comments

Please Vote For Himesh Reshammiya…

…at the Golden Kela awards.

More later, I need to get back to voting for Himesh for now.  

March 2, 2009   1 Comment

Hair, Hair, Everywhere.

The two HBs – Himesh Besharmiya and Harsha Bhogle now have a lot more hair to show off. Check them out.


February 20, 2009   No Comments

The NDTV Greenathon

The NDTV Greenathon is on right now. While Milind Soman is running in circles all around Mumbai and people are pledging their support for the environment, I need to do something as well.

I’ll begin by saving electricity. By switching off the TV.

February 7, 2009   No Comments

Nasal Singing For Dummies


January 17, 2009   1 Comment

Nasal Paintings

Reuters reports on how a man from Andhra Pradesh paints with his nose.

Sachivalu Rambabu of Hyderabad, the capital city of the southern state, has been painting using his nose for the past eight years. Rambabu says that he wanted to do something different and this is how he came up with the idea of nose painting.

And we all know a singer who wanted to do things differently and sang with his nose.

January 12, 2009   3 Comments