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The Oldest Frog

PTI reports that the world’s oldest frog has been discovered.

Scientists in New Zealand claimed to have found the world’s oldest frog — aged 37. The Maud Island frog, nicknamed Wellington by researchers, also has two other geriatric friends, a male, Gollum, 35, and a female, Xena, 34.

I wonder if the Wellington the frog can still croak as it could when it was younger. That somehow reminds me – how old is Himesh? Aah, 35 says the Wikipedia. Another record missed.

April 2, 2009   2 Comments

Big B, Manishwa Not To Celebrate Holi This Year

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan will stay away from holi celebrations this year, reports the Times Of India.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan will give Holi a miss this time as he feels the spirit of the festival of colour has been dampened by the  Mumbai terror attacks.

Meanwhile, Superblogger Manishwa will not celebrate holi this year as well. Why? In protest of the Times of India not covering Manishwa’s decision to not celebrate holi this year.

March 9, 2009   1 Comment

Obama: Yes We Kanth

An interesting poster of the Rajinikanth starrer, Arasan the Don – dubbed from the 1991 flop Khoon ka Karz.

Via: Rediff

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Congress Ki Jai Ho

The Indian National Congress outwitted the BJP by getting the rights of the ‘Jai Ho’ song – for its election campaign.

Seeing new promise in the runaway success of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, Congress has acquired the exclusive rights of the film’s number, ‘Jai  Ho’ for the summer campaign. According to sources, the party has secured the rights of both the lyrics and tune of the hit number for use in its campaign for the general election.

Sensing interest shown by its rivals in the film’s title song, Congress moved fast to clinch the deal.

Last heard, the BJP will be going for ‘Lut Jaaon, Lut Jaaon’ for its election campaign.

March 4, 2009   2 Comments

Please Vote For Himesh Reshammiya…

…at the Golden Kela awards.

More later, I need to get back to voting for Himesh for now.  

March 2, 2009   1 Comment

The Harmonium Honeymoon

So married to music is Oscar winning composer A.R.Rahman, that he took his harmonium along with him during his honeymoon.

“We were told that in the middle of the night he was sitting in the next room and playing a harmonium in Kodaikanal where he had gone for his honeymoon. Such was his dedication,” says A R Rahman’s brother-in-law.

Did Rahman take his wife along as well? Well, the report doesn’t shed light on that.

February 26, 2009   1 Comment

Stallone didn’t come

I couldn’t resist clicking this headline.

Stallone didn’t come, but Akki and Bebo did

Of course the harmless story meant that Stallone didn’t arrive at some party, while Akki and Bebo did manage to make it.

And I expected the story to be something really masaaledaar. Why am I such a pervert?

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Bollywood’s Kissable Babes


A few samples from the Times of India website.

You just can’t hold off to feel their candy kisses. Sensational icons of Bollywood with their delicious lips will make you eager to kiss them. Check out the babes waiting to please you.

Most people would like to kiss Kareena all round the clock. The ravishing young actress of tinsel has the wild and ultra hot lips to seduce.

Another mouth-watering celebrity to attract is Chitrangada Singh. Her captivating and delightful lips make many heads turn to the diva.

When you think of outrageous babe with awesome kissability, the hot sensation Katrina comes to your mind. Her gloopy and kissable pouts can drive anyone mad.

Somewhere in the offices of the Times of India is probably a computer monitor drenched with saliva…

February 24, 2009   1 Comment

The Delhi-6 Underbelly

For those involved in the underbelly debate, how is Delhi-6 any different from Slumdog Millionaire – except for a change in cities?


I don’t read Amitabh Bachchan’s blog, but according to a HT report, he is a bit disappointed with the reviewers.

Bachchan noted that one critic exulted Delhi 6, starring his son Abhishek Bachchan, as “the greatest piece of cinema seen in a long time”, while another review screamed “the film is a waste of time… or words to that effect”.

“One states ‘this is Abhishek’s best and most mature performance’. And the other contradictorily says just the opposite. One lauds the sensitivity of the premise, the other laments the absence of it… So which opinion does one go by – if going by their opinion is what viewers seek.”

So why do film reviewers have so diametrically opposite views? Well, it depends – if the reviewer is on your payroll or not. So simple.


The kala bandar in Delhi-6 fascinates me. I think it was in the summer of 2001 when the monkey-man menace broke out in and around Delhi  – I even remember the police issuing sketches of the suspect monkey-man who haunted people who slept on the roof-tops.

Well, all around the web, people have found the kala bandar reference in the film a bit silly. I thought the black-monkey was used as satire – that  people will fight over religion even where there’s no issue at all to fight over.

And honestly, it isn’t too far from the truth.

Just have a look at any news story on It doesn’t more than 5 reader comments to turn the message-board into a full blown Hindu vs. Muslim war zone – even if the news story has nothing to do with religion. The kala bandar then doesn’t look all that silly.

February 23, 2009   2 Comments

Hair, Hair, Everywhere.

The two HBs – Himesh Besharmiya and Harsha Bhogle now have a lot more hair to show off. Check them out.


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