My name is Manish. And I have little idea on why people call me Manishwa. But I get called names that are a lot more worse.

This is an experimental blog. I have no idea on what to blog about. So I might end up writing about everything I like, dislike and am indifferent to. And given the fact that I am a mega-megalomaniac like most bloggers are, I might write a lot more about myself than anything else. Hope you can tolerate that.

For those who have read me on other blogs, I would like to do things a bit differently for now – at least for a few days till I make up my mind on what this blog is going to be all about. Most posts will not be long-lengthy columns. This has two advantages. It saves my time. And it saves your troubles as well – as you don’t have to waste a lot of time out here.

I am not even sure how long this site would run. For, I have lately aborted a number of projects I have started – all because I easily get bored.

So, till Manishwa.com lasts, enjoy the blogwa.

- Manish