The Great Indian Press Wallah

Looking at the way the great Indian gutter press has been reacted to MS Dhoni’s approach to the media, I am amused. I have always been amused at the typical Indian journalist’s idea that they are very important people and everyone should treat them with extreme respect. Well I have never thought of Indian scribes any better than clowns and apparently many other people think the same way.

This reminds me of a small incident that happened a few months ago.

It was a petrol pump where a guy just ahead of me in the queue got into an altercation with the filling attendant – regarding if he had reset the pump-meter before filling up the tank.

When the argument wasn’t going anywhere, the car owner decided to throw his weight around. He pointed to a sticker on his car which prominently said “PRESS” and asked “tujhe maloom hai, main kaun hoon?”

The filling attendant, smiled, adjusted his cap and shot back – “Kapde istree karne waale ho?

Posted by Manish on June 11, 2009 in In Deshwa,What the Fishwa?


1 Philip { 06.12.09 at 5:59 am }

“Kapde istree karne waale ho?“ LMAO…..that must have been the most awesome answer i have ever heard. Even though the pump attendant might have been a bit ignorant, but still awesome reply.

2 Anshu { 06.12.09 at 12:20 pm }

Indian media- A case of the emperor’s new clothes! I love it when someone shows the mirror to their faces. The journos ought to keep their closets tidy– press wale jo thahre!

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