Tiger Woods, Dishes, Trash

Tiger Woods tells us that he understands his wife’s language pretty well.

Another probing question: Does Woods speak Swedish around the house? (It’s the native tongue of his wife, Elin.)

“I speak a little. It’s not very good,” Woods said. “I’m better at reading than I am anything else. Or ‘Take out the trash’ or ‘Clean the house,’ ‘Wash dishes,’ I understand those.”

Doesn’t matter if you are world’s richest sportsman or a penniless blogger – there are a few things you simply can’t escape – death, taxes and the dishes.

Update: And here’s what GWB has to go through:

Bush also said that after the transfer of power, he flopped on the couch and sighed, “Free at last”. And, to this, his wife Laura replied jokingly, “You’re free to do the dishes.”

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1 Shobha { 04.23.09 at 11:31 am }

Oh Manish, life is so tough for a man! :D

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