Weather Guarantee

The International Cricket Council comes out with their latest WTF.

The ICC’s Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) has recommended that the Champions Trophy in September be shifted from Sri Lanka to South Africa following concerns over weather conditions in the island nation during that period. The ICC board is expected to take a final decision on the matter on Monday.

According to the ICC, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) were unable to provide a guarantee during a teleconference on Wednesday that there would be no rains in Colombo during the tournament which runs from September 24-October 5.

So did ICC really ask Sri Lanka cricket for a personal guarantee that it won’t rain for two weeks? I can understand things if the ICC asked for a guarantee on issues like security. But who on earth can give anybody a guarantee that they would be no rains, earthquakes or tsunamis?

No wonder with such brains in the ICC, cricket runs so often into rough weather.

Posted by Manish on March 11, 2009 in In What the Fishwa?

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