Vatican And The Washing Machine

The Vatican’s official newspaper Osservatore Romano thinks that the washing machine has had done more for the women’s liberation movement than the contraceptive pill.

“In the 20th century, what contributed most to the emancipation of Western women?” questioned the article. “The debate is still open. Some say it was the pill, others the liberalisation of abortion, or being able to work outside the home. Others go even further: the washing machine.”

The article is entitled, “The washing machine and the emancipation of women: put in the powder, close the lid and relax”.

For someone who spends most of his time washing clothes or dishes the old-school way, I would think there’s some truth to the emancipation bit.

But what delights me the most is the Vatican’s opinion that washing is supposed to be the woman’s job. Sadly, my wife doesn’t seem to agree with that.

I wish she could turn into a Catholic.

Posted by Manish on March 9, 2009 in In What the Fishwa?


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