Why Did Bollywood Cross The Road?

Why did Saif cross the road?
He didn’t intend to – but somebody pushed him across

Why did Kareena cross the road – twice?
The double crosser!

Why did Aamir cross the road?
To get to the other side…no, to shop…wait -  it was neither…dammit, I forgot why…

Why did Himesh cross the road?
To hari home, hari home

Why did Ektaa Kapoor cross the road.
She didn’t cross it stupid, she krossed it

Why did Bappida cross the road?
That’s his idea of exercise.

Why did Devanand cross the road?
Because chickens weren’t invented then

Why did Priyanka cross the road?
She didn’t cross it, she was teleported.

Why did Abhishek cross the road with his eyes closed?
Because that’s the easiest way to get a hit.

Why did Aishwarya cross the road?
A cross between Aish and the road? That would result in a zebra crossing forGodsake.

Posted by Manish on February 18, 2009 in In Bollywood

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I can already tell that’s gonna be super hepullf.

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