The Delhi-6 Underbelly

For those involved in the underbelly debate, how is Delhi-6 any different from Slumdog Millionaire – except for a change in cities?


I don’t read Amitabh Bachchan’s blog, but according to a HT report, he is a bit disappointed with the reviewers.

Bachchan noted that one critic exulted Delhi 6, starring his son Abhishek Bachchan, as “the greatest piece of cinema seen in a long time”, while another review screamed “the film is a waste of time… or words to that effect”.

“One states ‘this is Abhishek’s best and most mature performance’. And the other contradictorily says just the opposite. One lauds the sensitivity of the premise, the other laments the absence of it… So which opinion does one go by – if going by their opinion is what viewers seek.”

So why do film reviewers have so diametrically opposite views? Well, it depends – if the reviewer is on your payroll or not. So simple.


The kala bandar in Delhi-6 fascinates me. I think it was in the summer of 2001 when the monkey-man menace broke out in and around Delhi  – I even remember the police issuing sketches of the suspect monkey-man who haunted people who slept on the roof-tops.

Well, all around the web, people have found the kala bandar reference in the film a bit silly. I thought the black-monkey was used as satire – that  people will fight over religion even where there’s no issue at all to fight over.

And honestly, it isn’t too far from the truth.

Just have a look at any news story on It doesn’t more than 5 reader comments to turn the message-board into a full blown Hindu vs. Muslim war zone – even if the news story has nothing to do with religion. The kala bandar then doesn’t look all that silly.

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1 Anshu { 02.23.09 at 11:49 pm }

Well, incidentally, the first comment I heard as I stepped out of the theatre last night, was Delhi 6 is better than SDM. At least it shows a more balanced perspective of India- the warts and pockmarks yes, but also the dichotomy and the warmth.

I liked the movie. And AR Rahman was at his scintillating best. And yes, it is time we looked at the Kala Bandar within. Must write a review soon.

2 Vin { 03.01.09 at 4:15 am }

I did like the first part of the movie, the music, Sonam Kapoor and Waheeda Rahman. In fact, other than the last half an hour, movie was quite ok.
ROM (Rakeysh OP Mehra) did lift his work by several notches from Aks to RDB, but fell a bit this time. He certainly can do better. Kala bandar concept was amusing, but a bit too overused. I liked it though :-)

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