Aamir Khan and the Farmer’s Plight

Aamir Khan is ready to produce his next film.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan who is known for raising voice against social evils is all set to produce a film on the farmers’ plight in Bhopal.


According to the reports, the project has already begun in Bhopal.

It is indeed a revelation on how Ghajini raised its voice against social evils. But I thought Aamir probably could probably leave the farmers alone, who already have enough problems to deal with.

However, I am curious on what the possible storyline could be. A hard-working and honest farmer takes a loan, mortaging his land. Then the farmer suddenly has a short term memory loss – and forgets to pay his EMIs. The loan-sharks descend and threaten the farmer. The farmer, thanks to the drought in central India, has no crops to harvest – and instead crops his hair really short (with a couple of  lines that criss-cross the head like dry irrigation canals) – and then goes on bash the loan-sharks with his plough.

Oooh, what an idea! I must rush and register the script before Aamir steals it. 

Posted by Manish on February 5, 2009 in In Bollywood


1 Anshu { 02.05.09 at 12:40 pm }

Naah! The hard working farmer doesn’t bash the goons with his plough. But invites them for a cricket match .. aur unke chakke chuda deta hai… what say?


2 Alex { 07.04.15 at 2:40 pm }

im not saying amaith is not on top, but if we talk about right now, sorry to be honnest with u , is salman khan, everybody has turn .this time , is salman khan sturn, there is nothing new in amitabatchan, just his show kbc he is there like he always be , but nothing new, on him right now .again amitabatchan,? is just a regular person and im not taliking about money, or talent, im talikng for what s going on right now .

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