Three Pimples? You Can’t Fly.

The stories about Air India keep getting weirder. Forget the fact that air-hostesses are sacked for being overweight. The Hawaai-sundaris (as AI would prefer to call them) can be grounded if they have three or more pimples – reports the TOI.

“If it’s more than three, you’re grounded. They’ll wait for the pimples to disappear. If they don’t, you’re likely to be grounded for three months. If you don’t care for your skin, forget about being a flight attendant,” an airline official told TOI.

I assume Air India has officials at each airport who are called Senior Weight Officers (SWO)  or Chief Pimple Officers (CPO).  Probably, just before a flight attendant is scheduled to fly, she is supposed to report to the Chief Pimple Officer . And I assume a conversation like this is routine.

CPO: Show me the left side – ah one… two. And the right cheek… ah one more! Yeh to kal nahin tha… Three pimples, I have to ground you.

Flight Attendant: Teen kahaan hai? There are only two.

CPO: And what about the one on the right cheek?

Flight Attendant: That’s hardly a pimple. It hasn’t developed yet.  2.5 pimples.

CPO: It’s more like 2.75 pimples.

Flight Attendant: But it’s still less than three. The rules say three pimples.

CPO: Okay, you win today. I’ll ground you tomorrow.

Posted by Manish on January 10, 2009 in In Deshwa,What the Fishwa?,Why The Hellwa?


1 Anshu { 01.10.09 at 8:22 pm }

Yeah! I read this in the TOI yesterday and was wondering how in the world they derived that cut off of three pimples! Is one pimple cute, two chalega and three ghastly? Some criterion!

2 Cheeni { 02.08.09 at 12:30 am }

The rule is stupid, I agree, but I assume if you “must” have a rule on acne, 3 is a fine number – lest you get this –

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