The law is an ass. So is the judge.

Star Plus hasn’t run out of ideas – yet. It still keeps churning out newer reality shows – but this time with a twist. Apparently, a new show to be in air soon – Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano will have a donkey as the judge, instead of the usual Reshammiyas and Sidhus.

Kavita Kaushik will be anchoring the show along with a live animated character Ghadhashri. As the name suggests it is a donkey, which will scrutinise each gag and gives his expert comments in place of judges.

So, what’s new you might ask. Don’t Himesh, Abhijeet, Annu Malik et all look like asses? Worse, they even bray like them.

Posted by Manish on January 3, 2009 in In Hindi Music,Indian Television,Reality Shows


1 Anshu { 01.03.09 at 8:04 am }

Saw the show last night. Couldn’t sustain my interest beyond the first break. With or without gadhashri. Awful choice of people, guests and jokes.

The anchor was ouch despite that plunging gown! As Shekhar Suman would say- good from far and far from good! Of the people who do a decent job of anchoring, watch out for Purbi Joshi on Comedy Circus. She’s got a real funny bone in her, this Gujjuben. And a good comic timing as well.

2 Manish { 01.03.09 at 9:12 am }

Both Purbi and her mother Sarita (The Baa of Baa-Bahu-and-whatever) are wonderful actors. If you manage to see Dasvidaniya, you could see both of them together.

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