Sher and Sherni Dutt

Just last week Sanjay Dutt, potential MP and confirmed MCP, flexed his muscles in an interview – and showed women what he thought was their rightful place.  A few excerpts as a quick recap.

Girls who become part of a new family after marriage must assume their new surname and all the responsibilities that come with it.

That’s a message not just to my sisters, but to all girls who hang on to their parents’ surname. It’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the person they’ve married.

…if Manyata had said that she wanted to retain her father’s surname, I would’ve felt offended.

Had my mother been alive, she would’ve happily accepted Manyata. Manyata is a homemaker, just like my mother was.

While some might argue that Manyata Dutt really had no choice but to take up the Dutt surname – for the simple reason that she didn’t have a last name of her own. More on that some other time. Meanwhile, Indian Express comes up with a profile of Manyata Dutt today.

Family insiders reveal that Manyata wields iron-fisted control over his life. She has phased out many of his old friends who she felt were fleecing her husband. Dutt’s longtime secretary Kaleem Khan was also shown the door. Ditto for buddies Sanjay Gupta and Nitin Manmohan. Manyata handles her husband’s finances, looks after his diet and has a huge say in Sanju’s film decisions.

Hmmm.. so much for those macho quotes in the interview. But it’s a situation I am quite familiar with. Ghar ke baahar sher, ghar ke andar sheru.

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1 shashi { 01.25.09 at 1:00 am }

i never had a positive feeling whenever i saw manayta. …. i don’t know the reason…sanjay to khair buddhuram hi dikhta hai.

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