Lousy Desi Limericks

There was a man called Ramalinga
Whose staff loved wearing blinga
But when he confessed
“Our careers are messed”
Was all they could singa.

There was a tiger called Thackrey
Never was short of an easy prey
When gunmen came en masse
He turned into an ass
And the typical roaring – turned into a bray

There was a man called Murgadoss
Who made a film on memory loss
It was gore, bore and snore
But raked in two crore
As for terror in Mumbai, short term memory loss

Here was our own Himesh his Highness,
Who was rather known for his slyness
One fine day he paled,
I cannot sing, he wailed
Now that I have got the damned sinus

There was Karan Johar from Bombay
Who swore that he was no way a gay
Snubbed by his jaana
He made Dostaana
And that finally was – the giveaway

In Rab Ne he found a new lass
SRK knew she had looks and class
Tani touched his feet
He thought it was sweet
Until Gauri Khan kicked his ass

Posted by Manish on January 12, 2009 in In Bollywood,Deshwa,Indian Television,Limericks


1 shashi { 01.12.09 at 4:19 pm }

wow! kya khayal hai!
kya tukbandi hai!
manish, you are genious.

2 shashi { 01.12.09 at 4:57 pm }

there were days when for some disgraced fellows,
Ialways felt anti,
but now a days
they have become celibrity.

so my dear friends.
is dunia main sab kuch bikta hai.

3 mmao { 03.27.09 at 3:14 am }

I don’t know where you see class
the only thing I see is a young lass
As for mr limerick be away from shahrukh
On this topic there is no allowance of sass
Separated at kumbh you and Raffu
Try to drive a knife in the heart of your Saas
Now the above is truly rubbish limerick but I enjoyed myself so live with it

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