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A bizarre survey conducted on behalf of Microsoft reveals that almost half of the Australians use their cellphones on the toilet.

One in two Aussies admitted on using the mobile phone while on the toilet, compared to 66 per cent of Chinese people.


The survey also showed that 24 per cent of the men found it acceptable to propose to their partner using their mobile phone compared to 11 per cent women.

Who else, but Microsoft can think of such crap surveys.

But I do like the Australian way of life. While half of the guys use the phone in the loo, and a quarter use the phone to propose to their partners – I wonder what percentage of Australians propose to their mates on the cellphone, while sitting  in the toilet.

Sadly, the survey doesn’t carry this figure. Neither does it mention what percentage got ‘yes’ as an answer.

Posted by Manish on January 22, 2009 in In Videshwa,What the Fishwa?


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