What? No Boxing Diwas?

A large section of the Indian media apparently was outraged that the Indian Boxing Federation, in spite of winning medals at the Olympics, failed to organize any function to mark “Boxing Day” and fete its boxers.

The new, proactive Indian media, and a few former players, had taken it upon themselves to find out why the Indian Boxing Federation, at the end of a year when the country’s pugilists had taken giant strides into the nation’s consciousness, had not bothered to organise any special function as part of the Boxing Day celebrations. Had they forgotten? Were they plain inconsiderate? With a national sports federation involved, could an inexplicable, inexcusable slip-up be far behind?

Finally, Col P K Muralidharan Raja, Secretary General of the Indian Boxing Federation – whose phone kept buzzing with queries from the media– ran out of patience and sent a clarification email.

This is to inform you all that ‘Boxing Day’ has nothing to do with the Sport of Boxing.” Controversy snuffed, he went on to explain: “Boxing Day is the day following Christmas i.e. 26 December. Traditionally this was the day to open the Christmas Box and share the gifts with the poor. It is a public holiday in England and certain other Commonwealth Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.”

I think 26th December should be now celebrated each year as Boxing Diwas – and on the occasion, members of the Indian sports media should be thrown into the boxing ring to let them get a feel of the game. A few black-eyes, perhaps, but that should solve a lot of problems of the media.

Posted by Manish on December 26, 2008 in In Deshwa,What the Fishwa?

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1 Shobha { 12.27.08 at 5:19 pm }

So funny. hahahaha :D

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