The nine-year old pick-up guru

There’s a 9-year old kid in town who has written a book on how to impress girls. Among his enlightening stuff – which comes 20 years too late for me, Alec Greven writes:

“A crush is like a love disease. It can drive you mad…Many boys get crushes on girls. But it can be very hard to get a girl to like you. Sometimes it takes years. Whatever happens, just don’t act desperate. Girls don’t like desperate boys.”


“About 73 per cent of regular girls ditch boys; 98 per cent of pretty girls ditch boys. Life is hard, move on.”

The bestselling book by Alec is called How To Talk To Girls. But if you would prefer to listen to a 34–year old not-so-guru – you don’t talk to girls. You simply listen.

Posted by Manish on December 28, 2008 in In What the Fishwa?


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