Sex Horrorscope 2009

The Times of India has released its Love and Sex Horoscope for 2009, imaginatively titled Love-o-scope - written by experts from Astroyogi and Ganesha Speaks. Check out a few samples:

Revamp your daily schedule to find more time for sex. Prolonged foreplay helps in feeling the depth of love making.

Getting intimate with someone other than your partner causes trouble.

Sexual bliss lies in seeking variety. Right from positions to places – a change is what you want. Adventure in open places helps in enjoying togetherness.

Food can be your way to pleasure. If a balanced diet keeps you healthy, gorging on aphrodisiacs will spark up the sex front!

Change the way you make love. Don’t hurry-up. Go for enough foreplay to excite your partner. Don’t miss a chance to exchange a sweet dialouge during love making. Showering your partner with gifts won’t be a bad option, especially gadgets that are related to communication like CDs, cell phones etc.

Now, I know my new year resolution for 2009. Celibacy.

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1 Shobha { 12.18.08 at 9:44 pm }

Manishwa I liked the last line – you have a talent for endings…. Neat. And as always – you rock! :)

2 mmao { 05.23.09 at 9:06 pm }

What do you mean new year’s resolution I thought you were always celibate belan se marti hai matar chilathi hai dishes dhulwati hai toh why should she have any other relationship with her servant

3 Monzour { 11.13.15 at 2:20 pm }

That’s a sharp way of thniknig about it.

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